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VOIP & SIP  trunks offer the biggest savings by using a networking model that terminates to the premises from the service provider via IP on the open internet, and is typically a best-effort delivery with no QoS (Quality of Service) guarantees.
  While in some cases, we may suggest running VOIP/SIP directly over the open internet for administrative or in-house call traffic (satellite offices, teleworkers, offsite warehouses, etc.), it may not be the best practice to use that same model for Customer call traffic. 
When using the open internet your calls are subject to a first-in first-out action along with all other internet traffic data packets. Since voice must travel in near real time, the voice packets regardless of internet provider, are sometimes dropped by the systems during peak times of internet congestion (including encrypted voice packets in VPN tunnels).

  Serious telecommunications providers like ourselves, prefer to offer dedicated data lines directly to a customer's premises (PRI, MPLS, and yes even POTS) to ensure the quality and stability of telephone calls.

  On-premises IP-PBX systems sometimes require more upfront costs compared to Hosted or Cloud based over open internet, but have a greater ROI and insure the most control over its communications needs. They are able to provide QoS options to the phone system's network and control its envirement to ensure the best call quality.

  VOIP/SIP can be a great fit for your business depending on your needs. With an almost equal number of pros and cons for using VOIP/SIP, we can help you evaluate your circumstances carefully to determine the type of telephone service & system that is right for your business.